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How to make sure WannaCry RansomWare does not hit you?


Last week we covered how to fight back and protected Windows servers from NSA-derived WannaCary Ransom-Ware. Since then we have received numerous customer requests wanting to know how to protect their Windows XP/7/8/10 computers. Today we will cover what you can do to make sure WannaCary ransomware does not hit you. Install Windows Updates Windows XP, Windows 7, 8, and ...

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How to fight back and protect your Windows servers/computers from NSA-derived WannaCry ransom-ware?

NSA ransomware wannacry attack

What Is NSA-driven ransomware? As every IT geek knows NSA-driven ransomware ‘wannacry’  and its varient is playing havoc around the globe since its 1st release back in Mid-April 2017. It was Mid-April when an arsenal of extremely power, lethal grade software tools designed by NSA to inject and Control Windows computers was leaked by a hacking group called “Shadow Brokers”. Merely ...

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How to improve ClamAV catch ransomware even zero-hour style protection!

game server

ClamAV Porblem: The standard SmarterMail install of ClamAV is very poor at catching basic viruses, trojans, and other malware, what to speak about zero-hour virus protection. Currently any .zip file attachment can contain a .exe, .js, .pdf payload and ClamAV will not catch it.  The below solution has the ability to stop a lot of spam. Essentially all you’re doing is ...

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Steps To Grow Your Business Online (Part 4)

customer satisfaction

From the previous post “Steps To Grow Your Business Online (Part 3)“, you have learned how to create your website, increase its visibility and adopt an effective marketing strategy. Now, if you think your job is done for developing your business, you are wrong. You need to provide the same level of services over and over again for retaining your ...

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Steps to grow your business Online (part 3)


Now, you have learned how to start your website and optimize it for better online shopping experience from our previous post “Steps to grow your business Online (part 2)“, next you need to work on marketing strategyy for your website. It should include identifying targeted customers, connecting to people relevant to your industry, email campaigns and advertising. Define Your Target ...

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Steps To Grow Your Business Online (part 2)


This is second part of our blog posts on ‘’Steps to grow your business online’’. Now, you have started your business online but that’s not enough for attracting your customers. Following are five considerations you need to keep in your mind after your website goes live: Make Your Website Mobile Friendly Can your customers view your website on any screen? ...

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Steps to grow your business Online (Part 1)


Internet has given boost to businesses and connected them to their customers worldwide. Owning a business without online presence means missing lots of opportunities. If you have not considered it yet we would strongly suggest you to make your online business presence and increase revenues. We are starting a series of blog posts to guide you how to grow your ...

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Redirecting A Domain in cPanel/Plesk

redirect a domain

Redirect in CPanel: To redirect a domain in cPanel, follow the given steps: Login to cPanel and click on the Redirects icon under the domains section. Select 301 Redirect as these are preferred by searched engines. Select the specific domain. In the redirects to blank, type the new address to which this domain will redirect. Select Redirect with or without www. Click ...

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Horde error 451, response: Temporary local problem – please try later

error 451

Error 451, Temporary local problem– please try later EXIM ERROR: Our client could not send email from horde on Linux . The error was : Horde error 451, response: Temporary local problem – please try later The mails were not being sent or received to the domain. After some research I found that the error arises due to one of ...

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How To Change cPanel and FTP Password Using Shell

how to change cpanel password

If your cPanel is not working or license has expired and you want to change cPanel user or FTP password then it can be done using Shell. The following steps should help you to change / reset / update cPanel password of particular account from shell: 1) Login to server using SSH as root user 2) Execute following command # ...

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