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How to improve ClamAV catch ransomware even zero-hour style protection!

ClamAV Porblem: The standard SmarterMail install of ClamAV is very poor at catching basic viruses, trojans, and other malware, what to speak about zero-hour virus protection. Currently any .zip file attachment can contain a .exe, .js, .pdf payload and ClamAV will not catch it.  The below solution has the ability to stop a lot of spam. Essentially all you’re doing is ...

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Why the Extra Mile matters in Customer Service


Organizations occasionally have a one dimensional way of customer service. Whenever customers ask for assistance, they’re responded. That’s the understood rule in almost every company. Also, talking rules, in corporates or bigger companies, there is so much “procedure” or guidelines to follow, that searching and following through them is a ordeal in itself. Because of all this, to provide customers ...

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Infographic – The Facts Behind Today’s Internet Technology


The image particularly highlights how dramatically hosting has changed from the early 1990’s, not only in regards to space, but also in simplicity of access and use. As the graphic details, in 1991, you “needed your own server or computer to host [a] website, but nowadays, you can find web hosts for under you may spend on a coffee in ...

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mega upload

According to lawyer Ira Rothkenn who is acting on behalf of the seven men, including Kim DotCom arrested by US authorities last week over the site, data was previously stored by third-parties including Carpathia Web Hosting and Cogent Communications Group. However, the authorities have frozen’s funds meaning the firms are now not being paid. Furthermore, in a letter that was filed by the ...

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Blank PHP Page after Cpanel EasyApache Update

Blue Businessman Standing by a Large Exclamation Point Clipart Illustration

Today I updated Apache to include GDLibrary. After Apache recompile I found blank page on WHMCS and few other application. This lead to some interesting learning exercise  When cPanel EasyApache is used to recompile apache the default behavior seems to miss the IonCube and Zend Optimizer. If your PHP application is using these then the PHP page will display nothing (in ...

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