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How to fight back and protect your Windows servers/computers from NSA-derived WannaCry ransom-ware?

NSA ransomware wannacry attack

What Is NSA-driven ransomware? As every IT geek knows NSA-driven ransomware ‘wannacry’  and its varient is playing havoc around the globe since its 1st release back in Mid-April 2017. It was Mid-April when an arsenal of extremely power, lethal grade software tools designed by NSA to inject and Control Windows computers was leaked by a hacking group called “Shadow Brokers”. Merely ...

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PHP 7 Is Here And HostBreak Is Ready!

php 7

New PHP 7 has been unveiled and has acquired General Availability Status. This is the most important release in the PHP arena after release of PHP 5 back in July 2004. This will revolutionized all of our web applications which are powering websites, mobiles, enterprises and cloud computing. All new PHP 7 showcases improved performance, massive reduction in memory consumption ...

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London Olympics 2012 Apps

London Olympics

Adobe Systems and the NBC network have teamed up to offer viewers an enhanced mobile experience of the Olympic Games through two apps. Directly connected to social media, the apps offer live-streaming and recording for later viewing as well as extra content. Both apps launched on July 12 and are available on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch in the App Store, ...

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October is Cyber-Security Awareness Month

Cyber Security

Today US Department of Homeland Security has announced that October has been declared Cyber-Security Awareness Month. At the same time, Internet and computer security firm McAfee released a study documenting executive management’s lack of awareness of cyber-vulnerabilities in their own business data centers and web hosting facilities. The theme for Cyber-Security Awareness Month is “Our Shared Responsibility” and “Protect Yourself ...

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