Domain Registration

How to Buy Domain Name For Website in Pakistan

Domain Name

Why you Need Domain Name When you want to set up an address for the people with the help of that they can stop by and take a look at whatever you are providing, either it is a business or some kind of product you are selling. People usually ask the question how to buy domain that turns out to ...

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Chapter 3: Essential Guide To Web Hosting


We have discussed in the previous post “Chapter 2: Essential Guide To Web Hosting” about web hosting and its types. In this post, we will explain to you domain name strategies and tools to use for domain registration. Domain name is like the address of your website on World Wide Web so it should be unique and memorable. Here are ...

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Understanding Domain Names

domain names pakistan

This is the first step before you make your business online. It is a nick name of your company. Domain name is a combination of characters separated by dots(.).The domain name must be unique in the Internet namespace. Every domain is associated with an (Internet Protocol) IP address. When an IP is assigned to some domain, the domain name is ...

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