Cloud Computing

Facts About Cloud Computing

cloud computing facts

Cloud computing boosts the speed at which users view the website content. This technology not only enhance user experience but also provide security to heavy traffic websites. According to a research performed by Google, if a site take more than 250 milliseconds to load, it will impact your website traffic. See this infographic and know some interesting facts about cloud ...

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Cloud Computing & Hosting Explained

cloud infrastructure

Are you familiar with the terms “Cloud Computing” and “Cloud Hosting“? This video explains the cloud infrastructure in a way that you will be able to understand these terms and concept easily!

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The Future Of Cloud

cloud computing

Cloud computing is becoming more popular in the world for business and personal use and this technology is expected to increase in coming years. See this infographic to know the future of cloud!

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Linux Is Ideal For Cloud

linux cloud server hosting

Cloud hosting is considered next big thing in hosting arena. In this type of hosting, servers are located at different data centers in different locations and the best thing is you will pay only for the consumed resources. Cloud servers can use Windows and Linux both as operating systems. However, Linux is more preferred by web hosting companies due to ...

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The Evolution Of Cloud

cloud hosting in pakistan

Around 100 years ago, cloud was just a visible mass of condensed water, that floated very high above the sea surface, but in 1950s the I.T industry came across a revolutionary idea known as “Cloud Computing”. The main concept was to solve huge problems by dividing the computation load over multiple nodes. Hence, improving the speed, efficiency and reducing the ...

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